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Hype Williams: his 10 greatest videos

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  • Killer robots, desert tribes, crucifixions: enter the world of rap's greatest director.
  • published
    9 Mar 2012
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    Hype Williams
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‘California Love’ was honoured with no less than two videos, both magnificent, both absurd. The most memorable of the two was inspired by Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome and transports 2Pac and Dre to post-apocalyptic Oakland, circa 2095, where they sneak into the camp of a gnarly-looking, future-primitive tribe that counts Chris Tucker and Tony Cox in its ranks and proceed, inevitably, to party, before leading a convoy of jeeps and motorcycles into the desert with a cash-guzzling abandon pretty much unique to 90s Hype promos. At the end, Tupac wakes up in bed – was it all just a dream? To be continued…


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