Cluster will release a new album, entitled Qua, next month.

The pioneering electronic duo of Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius have been releasing music under the name Cluster since 1971, and are perhaps best known for their classic albums Zuckerzeit (1974) and Sowiesoso (1976) as well as their collaborations with Brian Eno and Harmonia. Over the years their intricate, meditative recordings have inspired legion artists from the spheres of ambient, techno and beyond.

Qua is Cluster’s first full-length release since 2008’s live set Berlin 07, and their first proper studio release since 1994’s One Hour. Qua was released in the US last year by Nepenthe Music and will reach the rest of the world on February 15 via Klangbad/Broken Silence.

The unintentionally hilarious sleevenotes accompanying this record liken its 17 tracks to “a toy caravan of dark, fast camels, loaded with alien and precious drams”. Better simply to say that they find Moebius and Roedelius exploring their usual pastoral terrain, some pieces more rhythmic and pulsating than others. While Qua is certainly no great leap forward for the venerable pair, it’s by no means a step back; if anything these gorgeous synthetic miniatures affirm the timelessness of their approach.


1. Lerandis
2. So Ney
3. Flutful
4. Protrea
5. Zircusile
6. Xanesra
7. Na Ernel
8. Putoil
9. Malturi Sa
10. Dragon
11. Gissander
12. Yrnstrob
13. Albtrec Com
14. Stenthin
15. Curvtum
16. Formalt
17. Imtrerion



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