ARP and Anthony Moore team up for Frkwys Vol.3

By , Mar 17 2010

We’re very pleased to announce the release of a new album-length release on Rvng Intl.’s Frkwys imprint, by ARP & Anthony Moore.

The Frkwys series was conceived with a mind to providing a lavish vinyl setting for contemporary artists to work with their heroes and forebears “by way of remix, reinterpretation and original collaboration”. The first Frkwys release, perversely titled Vol.2, featured remixes of Brooklyn industrial pop oddballs Excepter by underground legends J.G. Thirlwell (Foetus), Jack Dangers (Meat Beat Manifesto) and Chris & Cosey (of Throbbing Gristle).

Vol.3, due out on April 20, is a more calm and reflective work, a collection of seven modern minimalist instrumentals and one vocal track born out of sources old and new. It features reworkings of original and unreleased 1960s material by Moore, and contemporary pieces by ARP (real name Alexis Georgopoulos). The project came about as a result of Georgopoulos’s love of Moore’s 1971 album Pieces From The Cloudland Ballroom, a record described by Alan Licht as neither “a Krautrock or artrock LP but a bona fide minimal classic”. When Moore heard some of ARP’s own music, he claimed to be “struck by a powerful sense of familiarity, a recognition of certain musical values close to my own heart being explored by someone else”.

The upshot of this instinctive connection was the coming together of Moore and Georgopoulos at Atlantic Sound’s Brooklyn studio in September 2009, where they recorded Frkwys Vol.3 with a 24-track, 2″ Studer tape machine. A range of instruments and strategies were employed in the making of this soaring, contemplative record, including tape loops, cello, violin, piano and analogue synthesizers. Fans of Arthur Russell, Steve Reich and the more pensive, organic end of kosmische music will find much to admire here.

ARP is one third of experimental ensemble The Alps, who have released records on labels including Type, Smalltown Supersound and Root Strata. In 2007 he released a fine solo album for Smalltown, entitled In Light. Anthony Moore, meanwhile, played a significant role (primarily as keyboardist) in the groundbreaking English avant-rock group Henry Cow, which was formed by Fred Frith and Tim Hodgkinson in Cambridge in 1968.

Frkyws is a series which prides itself on the presentation of its vinyl and its “serial aesthetic”. Accordingly, Frkwys Vol.3 will be pressed in a limited edition of 550 12″ copies housed in thick jackets wrapped in monochromatic adhesive (design by Kevin O’Neill at Will Work For Good). Subscribers to the series receive a leatherette version of the jacket (edition of 75). The album will also be available digitally via iTunes, Beatport, Juno and other outlets.

1. Today’s Psalter
2. Spinette
3. Piano Waves
4. Wild Grass I (for Arthur Russell)
5. Wild Gress II (for Robert Wyatt)
6. Mirrors & Forks
7. Yesterday’s Psalter
8. Slow Moon’s Rose

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