Tanlines: Settings EP

By , Mar 17 2010

Available on: True Panther EP

Sunshine and synths appear to be high on the agenda for artists beavering in Brooklyn. Like their NYC brethrin, Tanlines are another act peddling upbeat, short-circuited electronic pop. They must be putting summat in the water.

Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm, formerly of Professor Murder and Storm and Stress, are the tykes behind Tanlines, a pair who have been steadily building up the internet froth via a slurry of colourful remixes and DIY videos. Releases on Young Turks and Kitsune as well as gigs with HEALTH and DJ Rupture has brought them to the brink of letting this six-track EP, their longest work to date, out into the wild.

If the xx and the like are pushing a distinctly grey and industrial take on post-punk-funk business, then Tanlines are taking us to the indie equivalent of Club Tropicana on Settings, with its calypso rhythms, percussion and dashes of dubby disco rubbing up against each other. Although the pair could be guilty of failing to add enough flesh to certain songs on the EP – ‘Three Trees’ resembles a pair of youths pissing about with a Casio keyboard – the majority delivers on their early promise.

The likes of ‘Real Life’, ‘Bees’ and ‘Reinfo’ conjure up images of Cut Copy frolicking in Bermudas bashing steel drums and sucking on piña coladas. Spending too long in the sunshine might not be good for your skin but if Tanlines continue along this musical rainbow, you should peel back the roof and let them in. Spring has sprung.

Jim Ottewill

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