Everyone’s favourite furrow-browed Finns, Mika Vainio and Ilpo Vaisanen, will release a new Pan Sonic album via Blast First Petite on June 7.

The album is entitled Gravitoni, and (if our calculations are correct) it’s the duo’s seventh album to date, coming fifteen years after their debut, Vakio.

It’s a typically austere and impressive 11-track collection, existing at the intersection of techno, dub, power electronics, drone and industrial ambient that Pan Sonic have really made their own.

“After this Pan Sonic goes into deep freeze,” says Vainio, an ambiguous statement that nonetheless suggests Gravitoni will be the last Pan Sonic LP for a long time, perhaps simply the last. No live shows to support the record are planned.

Vainio in particular remains active with solo projects, with recent releases on Editions Mego, Touch and Raster-Noton.

1. Voltos Bolt
2. Wanyugo
3. Fermi
4. Corona
5. Radio Qurghonteppa
6. Trpanointi / Trepanation
7. Vainamonen Dreams
8. Indicationa
9. Hades
10. Twinaskew
11. Pan Finale



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