So last week, we announced details of a FACT party across two rooms at London’s Cable club on June 4.

Presented by We Fear Silence, June 4’s blow-out will feature, in Room 1, a 90 minute set by Digital Mystikz founder and arguably best dubstep producer ever, Mala. There’s also Berghain’s Fiedel, a.k.a. one half of the legendary Berlin production team MMM with Errorsmith, UK house behemoth Altered Natives and the brilliant Deep Teknologi. Room 2 meanwhile, sports broken beat pioneer Seiji, who remains a big influence on the current UK Funky sound, plus Subeena and Girl Unit.

Only problem was, it turned out that our long-term London allies in Night Slugs had their June party on the same night. So rather than put on two raves on the same date, we decided it was better for everybody to join forces under one roof.

Which means we can announce that June 4 at Cable will hold the second FACT and Night Slugs party. And that means that the following acts have been added:

In Room 1, we’ve got the UK live debut of Hotflush boss Scuba, fresh from releasing his second album, Triangulation, and a stunning mix CD for Ostgut-Ton. We’ll also have Spatial, one of FACT’s favourite current producers, who runs the Infrasonics label (often home to Hot City, xxxy, Ike Release and more) and has a techno and rave-influenced garage sound like few others.

In Room 2, Night Slugs host a UK performance by DJ Rashad, a core DJ and producer in the Chicago juke scene that’s been such an influence on the Night Slugs vision of club music. He’ll be flanked by residents Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990, and Night Slugs label artists Jam City and Lil Silva, the latter a UK Funky trailblazer from the start whose ‘Seasons’ is still one of London’s biggest anthems, and who’s preparing to release a new EP, ‘Night Skanker’ on the Slugs label. So in short, you get all this:

FACT & We Fear Silence
Cable, London, June 4

Room 1
Mala (DMZ)
Fiedel (MMM / Berghain)
Scuba (UK live debut)
Altered Natives
Deep Teknologi

Room 2 (co-hosted by Night Slugs)
DJ Rashad (Chicago)
Lil Silva
Bok Bok b2b L-Vis 1990
Jam City
Girl Unit

This will be rammed, so we suggest you book tickets now. They’re £6 advance. That’s hardly a bad price, is it?



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