Anyone who has been following Matias Aguayo’s Cómeme label and Bumbumbox parties will be familiar with the name Rebolledo.

The Mexican artist has already earned a sizeable cult following for his singles ‘Bo Jack’ and ‘Guerrero’, and remixes for Aguayo, Zombie Nation and Von Spar have further cemented his reputation. You can catch him play at FACT’s boat party as part of the Stop Making Sense festival in Croatia this September.

He’s about to commence recording of his debut album, which he hopes to have out in 2011, with the help of Bumbumbox co-creator Gary Pimiento.

“Even though Gary is not a musician, producer or DJ,” Rebolledo tells FACT, “Having him close by during any creative process is always great and revitalizing. Also when we spend time together, great ideas always come for new projects or for Cómeme.”

His association with Kompakt looks set to bear significant fruit this year: he’s been working on a collaborative project with Superpitcher, Pachanga Boys, and a track of theirs features on the Cologne label’s forthcoming Total 11 compilation. Another track on the comp, by Superpitcher and Jörg Burger, features vocals from Rebolledo; the trio plan to work together in the future under the name The Three Lions.

“I’m very glad I’ve found some people with which I have so much fun working with, and that when it comes to the final result, it doesn’t sound like just me, or the other person, but actually both of us. The new Cómeme record is from me and Daniel Maloso together; it’s a 5-track EP called Desierto that reflects my ideas of dark dancefloor momentum and Dany’s musicality.”



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