Laurel Halo: King Felix EP

By , Aug 8 2010

Available on: Free download

Laurel Halo seems to have a fixation with suspension. Her myspace is full of talk about scuba diving and floating gardens, and the music on King Felix, a free EP from the Brooklyn-dwelling singer seems to permanently hang in the air, incredibly still and angelic.

It’s spacey, but never grandiose enough to be space-pop; it’s kaleidoscopic without being psyche; it’s hazy, but with the sort of strong hooks and clinical arrangements you don’t often associate with the chillwave or drag set – ‘Supersymmetry’ and ‘Metal Confection’ are particularly realised, and the sort of thing you’d hope would turn Kate Bush or Bjork’s head. Probably best to just call it Laurel Halo. Did we mention it’s free?

Tam Gunn

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