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‘Ecstacy’ (Refix)

Pub quizmaster: “You have one minute to name as many Glaswegian funk acts as you can.”

Me: “I can’t name any.”

Friend: “Endgames.”

Me: “Endgames? Who the fuck are Endgames?”

Friend: “They’re the band Jam City sampled on ‘Ecstasy (Refix)’.”

Me: “Oh, right. I thought he’d sampled steel drums. It sounds like ‘Under the Sea’ or something. It’s really great though.”

Friend: “So’s the original.”

Me:  “Glaswegian funk. Who’d have thought?”

Friend: “JC pulls a smart trick with ‘Let Me Bang (Refix)’ too, slowing the vocal of DJ Deeon’s demented ghetto house effort to a rolling soca flex infinitely sexier than the track’s original beat.”

Me: “That’s almost exactly what I thought. Do you like the last track on the record?”

Friend: “Not sure I’ve heard it.”

Me: “It closes with the sleek nocturnal electro of ‘Shut the Lights Off (Devil Refix)’, an imaginative abstraction of DJ Bone’s ‘Shut the Lites Off’, featuring those Fleetwood Mac drums that are all the rage right now.”

Friend: “Sounds brilliant.”

Me: “It is. It sounds like falling asleep in the back of a car driving through a city you don’t recognise at night.”

Friend: “You talk some fruity bullshit sometimes.”

Me: “So do you.”

Colin McKean



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