After close to 15 years apart, electronic duo Global Communication will reunite for a DJ set in Amsterdam next month.

Comprising Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard, both of whom went on to find success in other areas of electronic music, Global Communication’s ‘90s work is considered seminal, particularly their debut album 76:14, an interstellar ambient house-fest that still sounds inspiring today. They also compiled number 26 in Fabric’s mix CD series, but Pritchard had moved to Australia by that point, so they never collaborated in person while recording it.

Well, now the two will join forces again for two shows at the SCI+TEC showcase at Amsterdam’s Dance Event [via Resident Advisor]. The pair claim that their sets will “span many genres and eras, and explore our inspirations from early ’90s techno, house, ambient and electronica right up to the cutting edge of modern production.”

And that’s not all, GC have confirmed that there will be more dates next year, and even better, they will begin producing new music together again. Good show.



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