Internet rap sensation Lil B has, seemingly out of nowhere, released a quasi-ambient album titled Rain in England.

Lil B was a member of West Coast hip-hop group The Pack, best known for 2006’s trainer tribute ‘Vans’, but since has made a name for himself with an out there, stream-of-consciousness, or in his own words, simply “based” style that he’s honed over countless YouTube videos and free downloads – in fact, he gives away so much free music that he has over 100 Myspace pages dedicated to it. He’s an internet sensation, but in the best sense of the word – his unfiltered, unrestrained viral hits representative of an artist giving everything to his audience, and seemingly doing it for nobody but himself.

In the words of Weird Forest, who are releasing Rain in England, Lil B “could be the leading light of a new hip-hop underground, one that has finally wrenched itself from the grubby backpacks and the cynicism of the mid 1990s”, and it’s hard to disagree. They go on to describe Rain in England as showing an “a tempered side to his ADD report card”, Lil B’s raps melting down into a sea of gloopy electronics and wilted synth melodies.

The album comes out today, available on CD or in a double-vinyl edition of 1000 that comes packaged with an 18×24 colour poster. You can watch the promotional video for ‘Dangerous Minds’, from Rain in England, below.



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