We’ve had the title, we’ve had the artwork. Now DMZ have revealed the tracklist for Coki‘s Urban Ethics album.

A core member of the DMZ collective who still represent the kings of traditional half-step style dubstep, Coki’s album – like fellow DMZer Mala’s Return II Space from earlier this year – will take the form of a triple-vinyl pack, with no digital or CD release planned. It will comprise seven tracks, pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Release date is December 13.

As for the tracklist, fans of Coki’s recent sets will be familiar with the likes of ‘Intergalactic’ and ‘Robotnik’; audio of most are available on Coki’s myspace.

A: Shock It
B: Old Hope
B2: Serious
C: Intergalactic
D: Robotnik
E: Animal
F: It



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