Once upon a time (in 2005), there was a song called ‘Pow’.

Produced by Dexplicit, as an instrumental titled ‘Forward Riddim’, grime MC Lethal B [above] and a ton of his mates rapped over the track, 8-bar pirate radio style, resulting in one of the hardest, most furious tracks to ever hit top 10 (well, top 11) in the UK pop charts. Controversy followed: the song was infamously banned in certain clubs because of the reaction it got, and Lethal would later be forced to defend it, claiming that it was an anti-gun song when it clearly wasn’t.

Lethal B’s career post-‘Pow’ has dwindled, its most memorable moments for us writing an article in the Guardian (good) and an appearance on Clarkson (not so good, though as we recall it was for charity). But he’s managed to get himself back in the public eye this last month, revealing that ‘Pow’ has been remade for 2011, and staggering announcements over which MCs would feature on it.

Yesterday, on Tim Westwood’s Radio 1 show, the public got to hear ‘Pow 2011’ for the first time. Produced by Teddy Music (formally known as Silencer), it features Lethal B, Wiley, JME, Chipmunk, Kano, Ghetto, 2 Face and P Money. You can hear it below.

‘Pow 2011’



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