Next week, November 30 to be precise, Simian Mobile Disco will release a new, double-disc techno album.

It’s split into two discs: Delicacies, and Delicacies: Mixed. You probably don’t need this explained, but the first disc is all Simian productions unmixed, while the second is a mixed CD from Simian’s studio. In their words, it features “amalgamating hard-edged analogous beat structures as well as some of the more mellow, melodic aspects of techno.” Best of both worlds, like the bread.

We’re streaming the second disc all week; you can pre-order here. Simian will be celebrating the release of the record with a ‘Records and Machines’ set in London this weekend; full details and tickets here.

01. Sweetbread
02. Hákarl
03. Nerve Salad
04. Casu Marzu
05. Skin Cracker
06. Aspic
07. Thousand Year Egg Drumappella
08. Ortolan

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