Richie Hawtin has revealed some of what we can expect from his Plastikman project in 2011.

“As soon as I’ve finished New Year’s Eve I’m actually going back to my studio in Windsor (Ontario) to start recording,” Hawtin told FACT last week.

“You know I feel somehow the Plastikman project will always be connected to Detroit: the people, the city. I don’t know if that means I have to go back to record. But at the moment I feel I need to go back there to have a certain distance from everything that I’ve experienced the last couple of years in Berlin and around the world. To try and distill that into some kind of new project. It’s very much like when I was recording the Plastikman projects, they’ve all been recorded in Windsor, but they would always be about me in my studio in Windsor peering back into Detroit, into those experiences that I had there.

“Perhaps being back home in Windsor will reconnect me to Detroit,” he continues, “Or perhaps it will let me connect to all the different things that Berlin has offered me over the last couple of years – I’m not quite sure yet.”

Hawtin also mentions that a Plastikman film is in the early stages of development.

“We’ve just been filming all the shows and there’s an idea of a Plastikman film,” he says. “That’s the first time I’ve mentioned it and it won’t be a typical live concert film if we do it.”

What, are we talking a feature film here? Will Richie will be vying for an Academy Award?

“No, I don’t think I’ll be acting,” he replies, laughing. “But there might be actors…”

Look out for the full interview, coming soon to FACT.



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