Available on: LuckyMe 12″ / digital

Although reverent to many time-honoured traditions of house music, Canadian producer Jacques Greene’s The Look EP still offers a taste of the skewed genre hybridity that made 2010 so exciting, closing a vintage year for his hosts, Glasgow’s influential LuckyMe stable.

It’s all so gloriously ready for the dancefloor; fragmented, pitch-shifting vocal cuts, watertight rhythms and a pervasive sense of euphoria. That’s not to say it’s ever derivative or predictable, but Greene’s apparent knowledge for house, garage and everything in between shines through with every subtle subversion.

Opener ‘The Look’ sets the tone, a slick enaction of vocal slivers, thick analogue synths and shuffling rhythms. ‘Holdin On’ trips along in a similar fashion with off-kilter kicks, and the EP moves towards deeper recesses with closer ‘Tell Me’; a cavernous, reverb-drenched track which winds off a release that should find this promising artist a wider audience.

Mike Coleman



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