LV feat. Josh Idehen – Lost / Early Mob / Your Coat

London-based trio LV have announced details of their debut album, Routes.

Not much is known about LV; late last year, we published the group’s most in-depth interview yet, and they still didn’t give a massive amount away. There’s three of them – Gervase, Si and Will – and in 2007, after making music together for the best part of a decade, they were scouted for their first non-self-released single on Kode9’s Hyperdub label. They’ve since released records on 2nd Drop, Hemlock, and Keysound, who’ll be releasing this album.

Routes marks the group’s first album, and appropriately, we don’t know much yet. The artwork’s unfinished, but we do know that the record features London vocalist Josh Idehen, who collaborated with LV before on their 38 EP. We’re also led to believe that whereas on that EP, LV operated as a backing group for Josh, here they have free rein over his vocals, stretching and manipulating them to fit their needs.

The release date for Routes is April 4, and the tracklist is as follows.

I Know
Northern Line
Lean Back
Never Tired
Talk Talk
Primary Colours
Deleted Scene
Past Tense
Murkish Delights
Last Night



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