Editions Mego compiles A Young Person’s Guide to… Emeralds’ Mark McGuire

By , Mar 4 2011

Editions Mego are preparing to release a compilation of solo work by Emeralds’ guitarist, Mark McGuire.

Emeralds’ relationship with Peter Rehberg’s Vienna-based label began last year with the release of the band’s Does It Look Like I’m Here LP, and has deepened considerably since. Mego reissued the classic Emeralds set What Happened?, and issued a new McGuire solo album entitled Living With Yourself. If that wasn’t enough, 2011 has seen Emerald’s synth magus John Elliott given his own Mego-affiliated imprint, Spectral Spools, to curate – its first two releases coming from Bee Mask and Fabric.

Anyway, the new 2xCD compilation on Mego, snappily titled A Young Person’s Guide To Mark McGuire, brings together 20 McGuire solo recordings sourced from previously released, limited edition CD-Rs and cassettes. The tracks were selected by Rehberg and the prolific, prodigious McGuire (still only 24 years old), and freshly mastered for CD. Those of you who are familiar with Emeralds will know what to expect: melancholic guitar psychedelia that charts truly dizzy heights thanks to McGuire’s almost supernatural command of looping and layering techniques.

A Young Person’s Guide To Mark McGuire is released on May 2.

1.1. Dream Team (17:18)
1.2. The Marfa Lights (9:10)
1.3. Clague Woods (1:46)
1.4. Slipstreams (1:22)
1.5. Stranger than Paradise (4:56)
1.6. Flight (6:44)
1.7. Ghosts Around a Tree (11:45)
1.8. The Path Lined With Colorful Stones (9:45)
1.9. The Wind on the Winding Road, pt II (9:41)
2.1. Radio Flyer (10:38)
2.2. Icy Windows (9:05)
2.3. The Lonesome Foghorn Blows (1:56)
2.4. Time is Flying (9:57)
2.5. Sun Shining Through the Open Barn Door (2:54)
2.6. Explosion Alarm (1:28)
2.7. Sick Chemistry (4:22)
2.8. Skies (9:34)
2.9. Over the Water (3:54)
2.10. The Invisible World (7:36)
2.11. Inside Where It’s Warm (13:26)

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