Kate Bush is set to return on May 16 with a new album.

Well, we say new album, but Director’s Cut in fact finds Bush revisiting tracks from her past albums The Sensual World (1989) and The Red Shoes (1993). The new versions retain some elements of the original recordings, with some new takes added.

Bush’s last album, 2005’s incredible Aerial, showed that the 52-year-old had lost none of her appetite for experimentation. Ever enigmatic, she has not yet spoken out about Director’s Cut,  but Graeme Thomson, author of a recent biography, Under the Ivy, told The Guardian last week: “It’s telling that she has chosen to build something new on the skeletons of her old songs. Although her music is frequently defined by a haunting nostalgia and repeat excursions to the shadowy dream country of childhood, in her attitude to her work she has always been resolutely forward-facing.”

A new version of ‘Deeper Understanding’, the original of which appeared on The Sensual World, will be released as a single in April. According to a spokesperson for Bush, she is currently working on brand new material as well.



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