Editions Mego has announced the first in a number of planned vinyl-only Jim O’Rourke releases.

The Vienna-based label, currently home to the likes of Mark Fell, Emeralds, Russell Haswell and Oneohtrix Point Never, is introducing Old News, a series dedicated to “analogue synth and tape works (both studio and live) from the depths of Jim O’Rourke’s archive.”

Confusingly entitled Old News #5, the first Old News offering will be released on June 10, and is comprised of one live piece (recorded in Tokyo last year) and three studio sessions from Chicago, Tokyo and London. ‘It’s Not His Room Anymore’ apparently formed the basis of O’Rourke’s live set at the 2003 ATP festival, while ‘Detain The Man To Whom’ was recorded way, way back in 1992. According to Mego the music featured on each vinyl edition will not be released on any other format.

Jim O’Rourke is a bona fide titan of experimental music, highly regarded for his studio and improvisational talents with guitar and electronics. As a performer he’s collaborated with the likes of Oren Ambarchi, Carlos Giffoni, Akita and Fennesz, but he’s probably best known for his production work for Joanna Newsom, Stereolab, Faust, Wilco et al, and for playing in Gastr Del Sol and more recently Sonic Youth, not to mention his 1999 solo pop masterpiece, Eureka. He’s no stranger to Mego either, with several key entries in its catalogue, including the recently reissued I’m A Happy, And I’m Singing, And A 1,2,3,4.

1. Pedal & Pedal (15:54) – recorded live at Super Deluxe, Tokyo, 2010
2. Detain The Man To Whom (20:20) – recorded at Steamroom, Chicago, 1992
3. It’s Not His Room Anymore (19:05) – recorded at Steamroom, Tokyo, 2010
4. Mother and Who (16:32) – recorded at Steamroom Mobile, London, 2003





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