James Ferraro has announced a new album for Hippos in Tanks, Far Side Virtual.

Ferraro is a member of Skaters, runs the New Age Tapes label, and has released at least 20 records in the past few years. One of his best ones, Last American Hero, ranked highly on our Best Albums of 2011 countdown. He also recently contributed to the Re-Synthesist half of the recent Harald Grosskopf reissue project.

Information about Far Side Virtual is sparse, but it’s apparently “coming soon to a Summer near you”, and “all the proceeds from Far Side Virtual are going towards my facial reconstructive plastic surgery, my [Ferraro’s] new face will be fashioned after CCTV’s satellite queen, Princess Diana. and you will be able to see it live in concert on the Far Side Virtual World Tour.. Always coca cola.”

Ferraro also has a re-issue of his On Air double album slated for release in early June [via Altered Zones].

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