Elijah, one half of the team behind currently-unhaltable grime label Butterz, has uploaded 50 grime sets he loves to the Butterz tumblr.

He does emphasis that they’re in no particular order, but if they were then we’d have to vouch for his number one: Wiley’s tooth-grinding spectacular with Boy Better Know’s DJ Maximum from late 2006 on Rinse FM. Wiley’s famous for being able to talk rubbish with the best of them, but here he’s on particularly deranged form, calling out rivals at every opportunity. We won’t reveal what happens at the end, but it’s worth waiting for. Who don’t hear will feel.

In Elijah’s words, “this is the best way of consuming Grime music after raves. Not mixtapes, not albums, not youtube channels, a good old set. DJ mixing it up, loads of MCs passing the mic quickly.”

As well as the Wiley/Maximum Rinse set, we’d particularly recommend DJ Spyro’s “69 tracks in 50 minutes” (#6), Slimzee w/ Dizzee Rascal & Wiley – Sidewinder (#8), Logan Sama’s last show on Rinse (#18), Boy Better Know’s Microphone Champion studio set (#25) and N.A.S.T.Y Crew’s La Cosa Nostra set (#41).

Download: 50 grime sets Elijah Butterz loves



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