David Lynch has completed his long-awaited electronic music album, and is now (sort of) heading to Ibiza to talk about it.

Lynch, who took the world by surprise by releasing the electro-pop single ‘Good Day Today’ on Sunday Best last year, will deliver the keynote address at IMS:2011 (Ibiza International Music Summit) at the Ibiza Gran Hotel. Unfortunately he won’t be on the White Isle himself, but rather “beamed in via video Skype from his recording studio just off Mulholland Drive.”

The interview will take place at 8pm (local European time) on Thursday 26 May, and will focus on Lynch’s music production, including the full-length album that’s expected to see release later this year.

“I’m excited to talk to those attending the International Music Summit in Ibiza,” says Lynch in an official statement. “Twelve months ago Jason Bentley from KCRW gave a track I made with my engineer Big Dean Hurley to Ben Turner and Rob da Bank of Sunday Best Recordings, and we return this year to chat about the full-length album we have just completed. I look forward to chatting with them and everyone else in attendance on May 26th live from my own studio in Los Angeles. We’ll talk about the music and how it came to be and exist. We had such a blast making it and I am honored to be a part of the International Music Summit.”

IMS partner Ben Turner adds: “This is a true honour. It was at the IMS 12 months ago that I heard ‘Good Day Today’ for the first time, sat in the hills of Santa Agnes in Ibiza, trying to recover from the summit! I played this record and I was astonished it was produced by my favourite film director of all-time. Lynch didn’t make it for the dancefloors – he just made the music he felt inspired to make. One year on, its an incredible moment to have him beamed into the Ibiza delegation at the IMS so everybody can hear his musical story, his vision, and his future plans in music…”



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