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By , May 20 2011

‘Faryad bar Dictator’ [‘Shouting at Dictators’] is a new download-only single from Sohrab, out now on Touch.

This is no ordinary release. We’ll let Touch explain why.

“As you may know, Sohrab managed to leave Iran late last year for Germany, where he appealed for political asylum having been interned in Brandenburg. This appeal has failed and he is trying to raise funds to appeal against this latest ruling.

“If he fails, it is probable that Sohrab will be flown back to Iran and arrested at Tehran Airport… Europe is reassessing its policy to ‘immigrants’ on a daily basis, partly because of the rise of the political right, but also because of the influx of refugees from the ‘Arab Spring’. The vast majority are being unceremoniously shipped back to their point of origin…

“This release is a fund-raiser to help pay for a lawyer to help with his appeal against the ruling. 100% of Artist and Label money from this release will be donated directly to the appeal fund. You can donate more if you wish simply by purchasing multiple copies of this release.”

The track’s title derives from the chant ‘Mag bar diktator’ (“Death to the dictator”), which could be heard from the rooftops of Tehran every night at 10 o’clock during the time of the 2009 Iranian presidential elections.

To donate to Sohrab’s appeal fund and receive the track, click here.



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