You can now watch the video for ‘Bad Girls’, M.I.A.’s new single.

Released this week, ‘Bad Girls’ is the first M.I.A. single since last year’s album Maya, and premiered just now on Vice’s new music channel, Noisey. The video was shot in Ouarzaate, Morocco, and comes directed by Romain Gavras, who M.I.A. fans will know from his work on last year’s brilliant video for ‘Born Free’.

In M.I.A.’s words, “It was dope to have so many people from so many different backgrounds speaking so many different languages come together to create something that we believed in. I thought I was gonna die on the shoot when I saw the drifting. It was a four day shoot so everyone was on edge the whole time specifically ME when I had to do bluesteel singing to the camera while the cars did doughnuts on the wet road ten feet away. In my mind I was thinking how I was gonna deliver the video to Vice with no legs.” You can watch it below.

In other M.I.A. news, she’s been recording a new single with Madonna and Nicki Minaj, which the three will more than likely perform at this weekend’s Superbowl.



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