FACT mix Torn Hawk main

Luke Wyatt stays busy.

The artist has released a ton of music and video art in the past several years, under both his own name and a variety of aliases, for the likes of L.I.E.S., Not Not Fun, 1080p and Mexican Summer. None of his projects are more aesthetically and thematically consistent than Torn Hawk though, an alias he has utilized to share sprawling, richly textured music that tackles machismo, vulnerability and emotional exposure.

Last year’s wonderfully titled Let’s Cry And Do Pushups At The Same Time – which he built from live guitar, drum machines, synths and samples, with nods to Manuel Göttsching, Tom Verlaine and Don Henley – demonstrates the same blurring of time, place and source of his “video mulch” pieces, as does his FACT mix. “These are all original sounds I created,” he writes. “A small portion of the tracks compiled have been half-heard elsewhere. All material is now put to work supporting the larger story presented here.”

That’s your tracklist, illustrated by Wyatt, below.

torn hawk tracklist



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