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Fact Mix: Oldyungmayn

Palestinian-Egyptian artist Oldyungmayn plays to his own shifting emotions while underlining the vital necessity of undying momentum.

“When I was researching and conceptualising this mix, I was thinking about how deeply affected I am by recent events in Palestine and how my mixture of emotions change and shift in a similar way, between anger, sadness and despair,” says Palestinian-Egyptian artist Hussein Hassan, who makes and plays music as Oldyungmayn. This emotional complexity is familiar territory for Hassan, who has spent the last few years discovering and shaping personal and professional variety, initially as part of the burgeoning music and art scene in Dubai and more recently throughout Europe and in his current base of Berlin.

As a queer artist as influenced by Burial’s Untrue, deadmau5 and ’90s trance as he is broken techno, razor-sharp sound design and Arabic musical traditions, Oldyungmayn’s unique sets and sounds have been amplified straight through the heart of the European avant-garde, including appearances on Valley, Parkingstone and MYXOXYM, as well as shows on Refuge Radio and Stegi Radio, while he simultaneously plays with and supports an emerging generation of Middle Eastern artists and platforms, including Al Gharib and regular collaborator and former Fact mixer Van Boom.

“For me, genres are more like moods and not really strict categories, and its one of the reasons I try not to stick to any one particular type of music in both my mixes and my sets when I’m playing for a crowd,” Hassan continues. “I want people to understand how for many of us, DJing is about communicating emotions and developing a dialogue.” Hurtling through a dark, deep and muscular selection of contemporary techno variations, Oldyungmayn plays to his own shifting emotions while underlining the necessity of undying momentum and communication during the darkest times.

You can find Oldyungmayn on Instagram and SoundCloud. Donate to Medical Aid for Palestinians here.


DJ Vortex – ‘Facciamo un D_____O!!!! (TSVI Edit)’
Mabel – ‘Wolf Bat’
Schacke – ‘The Sickening’
CRRDR – ‘Sobelo Drift’
Amor Satyr – ‘Rebola’
David Löhlein – ‘Facelift’
Vergil – ‘Aeon Flux’
Gaston Fiore – ‘Watch Me’
Katie Fash / Overspent Thousands – ‘In House’
Santiago Nech – ‘Disorders’
LDS – ‘Nord Dab’
Rask – ‘Artsyficial Intelligence’

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