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Fact Mix: Sausha

New York City selector Sausha sounds the alarm with a high-velocity rush of sleaze, sweat and sirens.

Sausha described herself best in Interview Magazine back in 2021: “I’m an expensive Columbian import people just can’t stop getting addicted to.” As one of the key figures keeping the debaucherous spirit of New York City alive, both behind the decks and on the dancefloor, Sausha De La Ossa is a fixture of the NYC party scene. Between essential sessions for Rumours, The Lot Radio and Examine, creating the score for fashion label P.L.N.’s fourth collection and destroying dancefloors across every New York club worth going to, she has honed in on an expansive, urgent sound, influenced as much by industrial techno and gabber as it is pop music and the percussive syncopations of her Latin roots.

Sounding the alarm with a new mix for Fact, Sausha barrels through a high-velocity rush of sleaze, sweat and sirens, pounding out riotous ghetto tech, electro punk and apocalypse club edits alongside pummelling Gaucho techno, deranged baile funk variations and lascivious perreo. Taking cues from the Bobby Beethoven and Rabit school of outrageous blends, here, she smashes Copenhagen producer HEDO HYDR8’s breakneck police chase club weapon ‘Keep Up’ into Madonna’s catty vocoder anthem ‘Nobody Knows,’ before riding MISSDEVANA’s accelerated dancehall hard into Pitbull’s inescapable ‘Calle Ocho’. Closing with a brutal onslaught of laser kicks, distortion and Ye’s eternal ‘All Of The Lights’ trumpets, you’ll spend the rest of the week recovering from the whiplash.

You can find Sausha on Instagram and SoundCloud.


SHALT – ‘Slow Focus’
Rodesh – ‘Amor Con La Ropa’
Joao Lagrima de Ouro – ‘Empurra’
Dismantle – ‘Computation’
HEDO HYDR8 – ‘Keep up’
Madonna – ‘Nobody Knows Me’ 
Licra – ‘m4t4rn0s’
DJ Wallh4x – ‘Car Song’
Keygurr – ‘Sueltalo’
Mutsumi – ‘Let’s Get Sick’
ICQ Baby – ‘Palhacos Loco’
DJ GBR – ‘Rave da Sirene’
Dirty Princess – ‘Dios’
Van Boom – ‘Agora’ [Feat. Whiterose]
Sirdsapes – ‘One Two Three’
Supraman – ‘SHS Prep Rally’
MISSDEVANA – ‘Lockdown’
Pitbull – ‘I Know You Want Me’
Sebastien Forrester – ‘Steep’ [Feat. 3phaz]
Burna – ‘GO!’
Dismantle – ‘Warp’
Borametz – ‘Nacion Zombie’
Zagam – ‘No messing (B E N N REMIX)’
Keygurr – ‘Dramaturgia’
DJ Fist – ‘Brasil’
Sausha – (Unreleased)
Joao Lagrima de Ouro – ‘Bate Palma’
Yung Bredda – ‘Ambience (Zuma’s 157 Mix)’
BFJ – ‘Check’
Klap e Maffalda – ‘Quadradin (adame edit)’
Unknown – ‘Move Over’ 
Joao Lagrima de Ouro – ‘Melo de Egua’
MM & NCK – ‘Grindhouse’
DJ Giovanni Rios – ‘Slow Magic (tribal evolution)’
DJ XNX – ‘Bandito (Aleroj Remix)’
Butterfist – ‘Abattoir Afterparty’
Girl Tool – ‘All Of The Lights (Girl Tool Pulse Mix)’

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