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Fact Mix: FAFF

Big Dyke Energy residents FAFF chart a course through headier climes in a soundtrack for reflection and introspection.

As the residents of the beloved Big Dyke Energy, an essential space for queer women, non-binary and trans hedonism and exuberance in the UK’s capital, over the last five years FAFF, the DJ and production duo of Elliot and Orny, have made an indelible mark on London’s queer party scene. Circling around an energetic, high camp sound that draws from all over, as evidenced by the ecstatic house and trippy breakbeats of Crappy Hardcore, their EP for Unknown To The Unknown, and the hot water bottle hardcore and eyeball-rolling rave of their recent release for Planet Euphorique, Camp Summer Hits, FAFF have settled on a soundtrack for sweating it out and getting free, invoking a loose vitality that surges within Big Dyke Energy.

Yet, as the party draws to a close for its final events at the end of this year, FAFF reveal a different, more introspective side to their style. “We wanted to take the opportunity to record something less club-focused,” they explain. “As much as we love to play a high energy set, we’re just as comfortable exploring the more atmospheric and melancholic side of things. We never want to be limited by genre or style. Balance is always a main focus in our approach to both djing and producing, and we’ve included tracks that offer a sense of wistfulness, yet also glance innovatively into the future.”

Drifting through intoxicating prog house, lovelorn electro and synth pop, seething bleep techno and oozing breakbeat, FAFF chart a course through stranger and headier climes. “There is a new track of ours in the mix called ‘Interlude’ which showcases the more ambient side of our sound,” they note, “and as we enter a period of seasonal change, we hope this mix can provide a soundtrack for the shift to introspection and reflection.” Though the end of Big Dyke Energy signals an end of an era, FAFF gesture towards the infinite potential of the queer party scene in London, throughout which new parties that amplify queer, non-binary and trans ecstasy can flourish.

You can find FAFF on Instagram.


William Orbit – ‘Ogive Number 1’
Leftfield – ‘Melt’
Torom – ‘Bonus Breakbeats’
Gipsy – ‘I Trance You (Mix 1)’
The DJ_’s Project – ‘vs. X-Calibur (Original Mix)’
Phost – ‘Swallowed by a Snake’
Dubtribe – ‘Mother Earth (Original Mix)’
Television – ‘The Broadcast’
The Young Braves – ‘Reach’
Ura – ‘Junglist Lament’
Lazer Worshippers  – ‘Lazer Worshippers Theme’
The System – ‘Almost Grown’
One Dove – ‘Breakdown’
Thompson Twins – ‘Come Inside (Feedback House Mix J. Rainbow Edit)’
Liquid Son – Rainfall (Garden of Eden Part 1)
FAFF – Interlude
Voodoo Warriors Of Love – ‘Limitless (Sheltering Sky Mix)’ 
Vanessa Daou – ‘Two To Tango (Valley Of The Daou Mix)’
Manuel Fischer – ‘Doctor Rattlesnakes Perception Of Homes Resonance’
John Beltran – ‘Eden’
Symbols & Instruments – ‘Mood (Metaphysical Extended Mix)’

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