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Fact Mix: Kasra V

The veteran NTS resident channels the sultry magic and sleazy bombast of the legendary Manhattan nightclub, The Sound Factory.

Ever since he moved to London from his birthplace of Tehran, Kasra V has been playing records. An NTS resident since 2014, a professional DJ since 2016 and a fully-fledged producer since 2018, the artist born Kasra Vaseghi has nearly a decade of experience honing his craft across London’s various dancefloors and warehouses, proving himself time and again as a shrewd selector and fearless experimenter. More recently, he has joined forces with fellow Iranian, New York City-based musician Sepehr as Flower Storm, a multidisciplinary project that sees the artists recontextualising classical Iranian music and Persian folklore within a contemporary electronic frame, crafting a vast sample library of sounds made using traditional instruments, like the Daf, Tonbak and Santoor, as well as dialogue from Farsi films, which they then weave into club-ready compositions.

Between his work as one half of Flower Storm, killer releases on Radiant Love and Sepeher’s own Shaytoon Records, which showcase the artist flexing a penchant for lysergic, lusty, retrofuturistic club heaters, it’s clear that it’s in the club that Kasra V feels freest, an ecstatic energy that’s very much borne out in his session for Fact. “The mix starts with an upcoming remix of mine for Circus Operandi,” he explains. “Following that are songs I found by going through mixes and labels affiliated with Junior Vasquez and Jonathan Peters, pretty much the sound of Sound Factory.”

Channeling the sultry magic and sleazy bombast of the golden age of house, laced with some hight-potency prog house and trance the artist has been rinsing in his sets all summer, Kasra V unleashes a stomping homage to an era that has always inspired him. The result of some deep dives through the mixes, labels and artists that gravitated around the legendary Manhattan nightclub, there’s no tracklist for this one, just a spot on the guest list and an invitation to get as loose as possible.

You can find Kasra V on Instagram, SoundCloud and at NTS Radio.

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