Legendary Chicago house producer Felix Da Housecat unleashed a Twitter rant against Berghain after being denied entry to the Berlin club this weekend.

Details of why and how Felix was turned away aren’t clear. Berghain’s bouncers are notorious for their door policy and head bouncer Sven Marquardt has published a memoir of his time on the doors of the club.

Felix’s Twitter rant has since been deleted but not before being captured and Storify-ed (you can read the whole thing below). The producer and DJ calls out the club and its staff as racists, draws comparisons with Hitler and the KKK and hammers home the fact that Berghain wouldn’t exist without Chicago or Detroit.

Update: Felix has woken up and is still going, claiming that his management took down his tweets and that “the truth hurts”. “Yes I’m sober and yes Berghain are racist cunts who shitted on house music, yes Chicago, yes Detroit, now what? Wake up,” he continues. “I’m cool with getting turned away, they blessed me, but it really woke me up what’s happening to the scene. Ignorance is a disease and Berghain is contagious.”

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