The 10 Best FACT TV Videos of 2015

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In 2015, we had our busiest year at FACT TV to date.

Aside from shooting regular installments of FACT TV’s regular series — Against the Clock, FACT Freestyles, Singles Club, Confessions and our newest, AAA — we’ve been darting across the world covering festivals and live performances and commissioning documentaries that shine a light on lesser-known areas, from NYC’s litefeet movement to Utrech’s underground house scene.

The following list is a selection of our 10 favorite productions from throughout the 2015.

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San Proper
Studio Tour

There’s only one San Proper, and he took us on probably our best studio tour yet.

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Hitters provides an intimate look at New York’s very visible street dancing movement, showing its roots and where it is today.

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‘Straps’ (Official Video)

‘Straps’ was one of our favorite tracks this year, and the visceral video is equally essential.

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The Cosmic Sound of LA

The Cosmic Sound of LA is a chance to see inside Daddy Kev’s Cosmic Zoo studios, and find out exactly what makes the LA hotspot so legendary.

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Flatbush Zombies

Brooklyn rap outfit Flatbush Zombies confess all in this bumper episode of FACT TV’s ongoing Confessions series.

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Utrecht – Home of the real Dutch House Underground

Nobody does house music quite like the Dutch, and here Unknown to the Unknown bossman DJ Haus takes an in-depth look at the Utrecht underground house scene.

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Flava D
Against The Clock 

Against the Clock is one of our favorite regular series, and Flava D knocked it out of the park this year.

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Vince Staples
AAA – Episode 1

AAA is a brand new series that shows artists backstage and explores their relationship with performance. Our first episode focused on West Coast rapper Vince Staples.

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FACT Freestyles – Episode 21

YGG bodied the competition with this freestyle, showing exactly why they’re making strides in grime right now.

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How To Make A Legowelt Track

Have you ever wanted to know how Dutch producer Legowelt makes a track? No need to wonder any more.

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