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FACT mix 756: TALsounds

A meditative mix of DIY music from a Chicago underground favourite.

TALsounds is the project of Natalie Chami, a staple of Chicago’s DIY scene and member of psych trio Good Willsmith. Her gorgeous solo work takes inspiration from minimalism and her classical voice and opera training – knowledge she shares as part of her teaching job at ChiArts, a Chicago public high school for music and the arts.

Chami’s music, which has been released on labels such as Hausu Mountain, Ba Da Bing! and Tabs Out, is largely improvisational, combining tranquil synthesis and live-looped vocals without overdubs. Her next album, Acquiesce, released on NNA Tapes on May 22, is described as “a fluid extrapolation of her thoughts, worries, and stresses” during a turbulent period of personal change.

“I focused this mix on women (and more importantly friends) from DIY music scenes in the US and beyond who I’ve played with and who I dearly miss,” Chami says of her FACT mix, which includes music from Meg Baird & Mary Lattimore, Matchess, Jackie Lynn and Fire-Toolz as well as a few tracks from Acquiesce.

“The process of compiling these songs brought back memories of all the music we have shared and made me feel re-inspired. I’m proud to connect with them, even if it is only through a mix.”

Find TALsounds’ music at Bandcamp.


Matchess – ‘For Lise’
Good Fuck – ‘Secret Meetings’
Wume – ‘Walled Garden’
Nordra – ‘Reflections’
LEYA – ‘Wave’
TALsounds – ‘No Rise’
Steffi Neuhuber – ‘Building Strength’
Somesurprises – ‘Sometimes’
Meg Baird & Mary Lattimore – ‘Damaged Sunset’
Damiana (Matchess + TALsounds) – ‘Ivyneer’
Gel Set – ‘Ether Or’
Jackie Lynn – ‘Dream St.’
TALsounds – ‘Soar’
Dustin Wong + Takako Minekawa –  ‘Elastic Astral Peel’
Fire-Toolz – ‘It’s Now Safe to Turn Off Your Computer’

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