This weekend we’re reliving highlights from last year’s festival.

To celebrate Glastonbury Festival’s 50th anniversary and mark the festival that would have been had this year’s event not been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re presenting performances recorded at last year’s event that took place as part of Block9’s lineup.

In this video, Blawan and Pariah bring their hardware-heavy techno project Karenn to IICON, a new addition to Block9 that combines a sculpture of a gigantic head with projections to create a stunning audiovisual artwork. You can find out the full story of Block9 by watching Fact’s new documentary, Block9: Temporary Alternative Realities.

Find Karenn’s music at Bandcamp and donate to Block9’s charitable not-for-profit The Downlow Radio, which has donated over £80k to good causes in the past decade.

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