A pummelling session of modular techno from the Berlin-based producer and DJ.

This week’s episode of Patch Notes features a pummelling session from rising techno iconoclast Wallis. The producer, DJ and mastering engineer is fast becoming one of the most unique members of the Berlin scene, blending extremely hard and fast productions with sensual melodies and vocals.

This performance sees Wallis utilising her usual setup for live shows, which consists of modular synthesis, an Elektron Octatrak sampler, Arturia’s BeatStep Pro sequencer and guitar effects pedals. “I would say I am more on the West-coast end of the synthesis spectrum”, she explains. “I like very complex and somewhat surprising results because this is, in my opinion, how you get the most unique sounds, which is what modular synthesis is for me.”

“Modular is for me testing the limits of a system. It’s also about controlling those unpredictable outcomes, especially in my type of techno that really wants to be dance floor friendly at all times. It’s all about balance I guess. Making it as weird and interesting as possible but still pretty damn four to the floor, for the most part.”

Wallis is a resident at LSDXOXO’s Floorgasm. The first outdoor edition of the beloved party will take place this Saturday, August 29, at Berlin’s Trauma Bar Und Kino.

For more music from Wallis and friends, check out her label, Jell.

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