404.zero deliver a stunning modular showcase live from Saint Petersburg’s Sevkabel Port.

On their debut album, 404.0, Kristina Karpysheva and Alexander Letsius channel a wide array of influences as diverse as Autechre, Tangerine Dream and Sunn O))) as they move through eight meditative compositions that touch on cosmic drone, ink-dark ambient and searing industrial.

In this very special episode of Patch Notes the Russian duo deliver a stunning modular synth showcase live from Saint Petersburg’s Sevkabel Port. Using a unique setup, which includes a LYRA-8 organismic analogue synthesiser from Soma Laboratory, a variety of Eurorack modules, a Buchla 223e Multi-Dimensional Kinesthetic Input and Tactile Input Port and an electronic cello, 404.zero give us an introduction to their cathartic sound.


Earlier this year 404.zero released Black Sunday, an audiovisual EP that served as prelude to 404.0, their debut album and first release for Bedroom Community. Both releases were recorded during improvised sessions at Greenhouse Studio in Reykjavik, at which they found an essential retreat from the stresses of Saint Petersburg.

Both Black Sunday and 404.0 are available at their Bandcamp. For more information about 404.zero and their work, you can follow them on Instagram.


Live – 404.zero
Location – Sevkabel Port 
DOP – Maxim Gannotsky, Alexey Morgunov
Edit – Maxim Gannotsky
Technical Direction – Andrei Toropov
Management – Veronika Belousova 

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