The Russian duo present a proof of concept for their dream project, a robotic light and sound sculpture, 4.32.

For the final instalment of this month’s residency with we return to a virtual space with 4.32, a CGI rendering of a project that Russian artists Kristina Karpysheva and Alexander Letsius hope to realise in the future.

In 4.32, industrial robots are mounted to the ceiling, each attached to a cross-shaped light fixture. The robots would then move in sequence, synched to spatial sound design, with the whole process driven by randomly generated algorithm.

Switching from static light fixtures to a dynamic, mechanised light sculpture, continue to explore a holistic approach to light, sound and space, foregrounding the work with an emphasis on symmetry, motion and confluence.

4.32 can be understood as a natural extension of Karpysheva & Letsius’s AV practice, combining all the hallmarks of a installation before catapulting the project headlong into an automated future. By expanding algorithmic programming into real-world robotics, the duo further remove any corporeal elements from their work, underlining the experience of engaging with their installations as something truly unique.

For more information about and their work, you can follow them on Instagram.

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