A set of raw sampled electronics and post-punk vocals shot in one of Rio’s traditional samba schools.

Tantão e Os Fita are an electronic trio from Rio de Janeiro, comprised of visual artist, vocalist and composer Carlos Antônio Mattos aka Tantão, and producers Abel Duarte and Cainã Bomilcar. The trio’s music, a collision of fractured, noisy beats and half-spoken, half-screamed vocals, are imbued with a raw punk energy, an influence carried over from Tantão’s role in legendary ’80s post-punk band, Black Future.

In this episode of Patch Notes, Fact filmed the trio performing at a warehouse space that forms part of a traditional samba school in the Brazilian city called Pimpolhos da Grande Rio. The props scattered around Duarte and Bomilcar’s table of samplers and turntables are a poignant reminder that in a normal year, this weekend would see the Rio Carnival lighting up the city’s streets.

Tantão e Os Fita’s latest album, Piorou, is available now on Rio’s QTV Label. Find more of the trio’s music at QTV’s Bandcamp. As part of last year’s Novas Frequencias festival, the trio created an online sampler that anyone can use to create beats using samples from Piorou.

Filmed and edited by Pedro Küster
Thanks to Pimpolhos da Grande Rio and Abel Duarte and Cainã Bomilcar for additional production

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