A remote collaboration that took place as part of CTM Festival’s 2021 online edition.

Fascinated By is a new work from Hyperdub artist Loraine James and Dominican choreographer and dancer Isabel Lewis. In the remote collaboration, James soundtracks a “choreographed dreamy landscape” that takes place across three single-take vignettes, a segment of which is presented above.

Commissioned by Berlin’s CTM Festival for its 2021 online edition, the work sees James perform remotely at London’s Gaff Club, appearing via video monitors in Berlin’s Betonhalle venue at Silent Green, where stark lighting augments Lewis’s choreography.

Fascinated By forms part of CTM 2021’s trans/local performance series, which pairs a Berlin-based artist with artists in other parts of the world, to explore new ways of remote collaborative work and performance during the pandemic.

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Music: Loraine James
Performance: Isabel Lewis 
Direction: Marcelo Alcaide & Isabel Lewis

Isabel Lewis was filmed at silent green Betonhalle, Berlin
Camera and video editing: Best Films Forever – Theresa Baumgartner, Clarisse Destailleur, Petra Hermanova
Lights: Felix Fischer
Video: Marcel Weber

Loraine James was filmed at Gaff Club, London
Camera and video editing: Ross Ross

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