An audiovisual collage reflecting the nature of time from Brazilian experimental musician Drendiela.

In the third of a series of works from Brazilian festival Novas Frequências’s 2020 programme, Fact presents Tempo Circular, an audiovisual work by Drendiela, an electronic artist based in Brasília. Although Drendiela has been making experimental sound collages for the past two years, folding in ambient and glitch influences, on Tempo Circular she combines visuals with sound for the first time.

“In recent years, I have cultivated a considerable interest in outer space, which is due in large part to Jyotiṣa, a Sanskrit term in the Vedas astrology, which literally means ‘knowledge of light’,” Drendiela says of the work. “In this duality of heaven and earth, I believe in the maxim ‘as above, so below’, which reverberates in my belief that we are constantly influenced by the movement of planets passing through the constellations.”

“For me, the ether and the stars in their vastness is what lies between the extremes, a scenario that carries infinite possibilities due to its non-limitation of space. What I seek to contemplate in my creations is a place outside of conceived time, a circular and non-linear time, where the past, present and future coexist.”

Drendiela’s 2019 project, STEVIA, is available to buy on Bandcamp. Fact will be presenting more works from Novas Frequências 2020 next week. You can revisit all highlights from the festival so far in our archive.

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