An electroacoustic set recorded in the picturesque surroundings of Rio’s Parque Lage.

Luiza Schulz Vazquez is a musician and sound artist from Rio de Janeiro, who creates intricate electroacoustic compositions, typically with a Rhodes piano. Her compositions have scored film, dance, theatre and installations across Europe and South America, in venues such as the Sculpture Museum in São Paulo and Warsaw’s Grand Theatre.

In this episode of Patch Notes, we filmed Schulz Vazquez in performance at Rio’s Parque Lage, a former mansion turned art school and public park sitting underneath the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. The building has previously been used as a location for music videos featuring Snoop Dogg and the Black Eyed Peas, and required Fact to carry her 65kg Rhodes through the Atlantic Forest, 200m above sea level.

Parque Lage is a location that holds special significance for Schulz Vazquez – it’s also the school where she began her artistic studies, from which she was offered a scholarship to specialise in sound art.

You can find more information about Luiza Schulz Vazquez at her website, and follow her on Instagram.


Filmed and edited by Pedro S. Küster
With special thanks to all at Parque Lage, IBAMA and Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro who made this possible, and Claudio Serrano da Silva for all his help

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