Fact Mix: Honeydrip

Montréal-based, Canadian-Bajan DJ Honeydrip pays homage to the unifying powers of bass.

For Honeydrip, playing music begins and ends with the soundsystem. “Right now, DJ culture and music culture is very much focused on the person,” the Montréal-based, Canadian-Bajan selector and producer recently told Mutek, on the occasion of a performance for which she built her own system. “I feel like soundsystems take away that attention and people just focus on the music. They focus on the feeling of when the bass hits them. People can have subjective opinions on styles of music, but when it comes to bass, it always feels the same, it all resonates within our bodies the same way. It’s a very unifying experience.”

Describing her Fact mix as “a love letter to bass music and the community,” Honeydrip demonstrates her profound belief in the unifying powers of bass, drawing from many years experience deeply embedded within the tenacious DIY, bass, rave and techno scenes thriving throughout Montréal, as well as her role as resident of beloved party community, Homegrown Harvest. “I opted for a contemplative beginning of the mix and then I let the heavy beats unapologetically kick in,” she explains. “I like to showcase music all over the BPM spectrum and although it can complicate my life, I enjoy mixes with multiple flows and rhythms.”

Here, she develops the mood and mind-enhancing properties imbued within Psychotropical, her debut LP for Bristol bass institution, Banoffee Pies Records, which features contributions from an all-star cast, including Shanique Marie, LA Dame, Ouri, King Shadrock and Hassan Abou Alam. Delving deep into intoxicating low-end surge, Honeydrip starts stately and sultry and finishes hot and heavy, rolling a crop of unreleased material from MSJY, Bell Curve, Slack 1ne, Acot, Homesick and Honeydrip herself in with a choice selection of scorchers. It goes without saying, but play this one loud. If you’ve built the speakers yourself, even better.

You can find Honeydrip on Instagram, SoundCloud and Bandcamp.


MSJY – ‘Shrimp Walk’
Lukr0 & Cardozo – ‘Chiki’
DJ Sweat – ‘Caudillo’
Fracture – ‘Overload’
Bell Curve – ‘Unreleased’ [Feat. Shanique Marie]
Medikul – ‘Object’
Slack 1ne – ‘Unreleased’
Flatpack & Dudeman – ‘On The Tools’
Acote – ‘Unreleased’
Honeydrip – ‘Sykohtropik’
Slack 1ne – ‘Unreleased’
Elpac & Mulholland – ‘ SugaBoo’
Honeydrip & Ultima Esuna – ‘BRUJAS’
Scalymoth – ‘Trashy’
Homesick – ‘Unreleased’
Honeydrip – ‘Wicked, Dutty & Dreadful’ [Feat. King Shadrock]
Numa Crew – ‘Masai Duty’

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