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Fact Mix: DJ Danifox

DJ Danifox blesses us with an hour of unreleased, original productions.

DJ Danifox is one of the key players within Tia Maria Produções, a collective of virtuosic Lisbon producers who burst onto the scene back in 2014, during the early years of the now legendary Príncipe. Currently boasting DJ B.Boy, DJ Lycox, DJ Poco, Puto Márcio, as well as DJ Danifox among their numbers, Tia Maria Produções brought their own unique voices to the batida sound, swirling doe-eyed melodies and low-fi grit into the heady blend of house, kuduro, zouk, batucada, kizomba and tarraxinha rhythms Príncipe stalwarts DJ Marfox, Niagara, DJ Nigga Fox, DJ Firmeza and DJ Lilocox were already drawing from.

Following some essential crew releases in 2020 and 2021, Danifox honed in on his own sound in 2022 with Dia Não Mata Dia, showcasing an effortlessly sensual, stripped-back approach, picking out earworm melodies in plucked guitar and instrumental licks from the steamy atmospherics of smooth percussive shuffle and flirtatious vocal flourishes. Back in April, DJ Danifox dropped Ansiedade, his first proper album-length exploration of these ideas and undoubtedly one of the albums of the year.

Between the sparse, melancholy ambience of ‘Ilha dos Bruxos’, the drill bass embellishment of ‘Tarraxo 001’ and the pining vocals of ‘Chopper’, Danifox masterfully folds elements of contemporary club music into his production, all while maintaining the sweat-flecked heartache that Tia Maria Produções was always about. This carries over into his Fact mix, which is made up entirely of unreleased, original productions, serving as a personal expression of not only Danifox, but his TMP comrades, too.

“I’ve chosen these tracks for the simple fact that they haven’t come out yet,” he explains. “By doing this I share songs with my close friends and colleagues, when we ended up getting together either via Discord or at my house. In our innocence we started writing lyrics, sharing these tracks. I believe this doesn’t stop here, it’s just the beginning.”

You can find DJ Danifox on Instagram and SoundCloud.


DJ Danifox – ‘Massego’
DJ Danifox – ‘Alright’
DJ Danifox – ‘Tempero Deli’
Tia Maria Produções – ‘Welcome To Lisbon’
DJ Danifox – ‘Ta No Compasso (Remix)’
DJ Danifox & Mane – ‘Tou Na Kebrada’
DJ Danifox – ‘Todas Tias’
DJ Danifox – ‘Cabeça Não Aguenta’
DJ Danifox – ‘Dos Mimosos 2’
DJ Danifox – ‘Soba Angolano’
DJ Danifox – ‘Caverna’
Tia Maria Produções – ‘Thai Bass CEO’
DJ Danifox – ‘A Noite É Uma Cria’
DJ Danifox & DJ Adamm – ‘Detido’
DJ Danifox & DJ Adamm & Negoo & Ib – ‘Vou Se Bazenla’
DJ Danifox & DJ Lycox – ‘Saldo’
DJ Danifox – ‘Cavalo Malusco’
DJ Danifox – ‘Isso É (Beat)’
DJ Danifox & DJ Lycox – ‘Fui A Sao Tomé’
DJ Danifox – ‘Peste 2040’
DJ Danifox – ‘Yella’
DJ Danifox – ‘Suco Da Tia’
DJ Danifox – ‘Rua Do Abismo’
DJ Lycox – ‘Relação Tóxica’

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