On Saturday November 10, two of our most effective homegrown DJs are going b2b all night.

Ben UFO and Jackmaster will join forces at the Pennington St. Studio Spaces in Shoreditch. If you’re not in the know – and if you’re not, that’s clearly a fairly colossal rock you’ve been living under – both men are respectively regarded as among the most talented selectors operating today. Hessle Audio boss Ben UFO’s record box is a wonder, stuffed with cutting edge house, skewed techno, and all manner of unlikely miscellania. Jackmaster meanwhile, knows how to keep dancefloor entropy at bay. The Numbes boss darts all over the shop, encompassing hip-hop, breakbeat, 4/4 fare and vintage treats, and his dexterity is typically a sight to behold.

The night runs from 10.00pm until 6.00am. Head here for tickets and further information.

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