Bjork announces <i>Biophilia</i> residency in Paris, including four shows in a circus tent

Bjork has announced a new residency in Paris, performing music from her latest album / app Biophilia

The Icelandic innovator will perform six times in February and March: the first four days at circus tent Le Cirque en Chantier, and the latter two at the larger Le Zenith. According to Bjork’s website, each of the shows will take place in a round setting, “with the audience seated in a full circle around the stage” – the first time this has happened at Le Zenith.

The Biophilia Educational Program, a series of events that Bjork has fronted since last year, will take place in Paris at the same time, though the exact details of this is yet to be confirmed.

The Biophilia residency takes place at the following dates – tickets are available here:

February 21 – Le Cirque en Chantier
February 24 – Le Cirque en Chantier
February 27 – Le Cirque en Chantier
March 2 – Le Cirque en Chantier
March 5 – Le Zenith
March 8 – Le Zenith

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