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The 100 Best Tracks of 2012

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    13 Dec 2012
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    best of 2012
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Say a prayer for the weary music journalist – every year, our job gets harder and harder.

Like each year before it, 2012 saw a hyper-accelerated rise in the amount of music floating around. For whatever reason – the increasing democratisation of technology, a new-found spirit of industriousness, or, perhaps, the alignment of the planets – there was just so much more to compute. That’s not all: party music became more frenetic; capital-S ‘serious’ musicians went darker; the lunatic fringe surprised in new ways; and genre divisions increasingly looked as archaic as 78s and sticker packs.

Still, we’ve done our best to pluck 100 needles out of this ever-growing haystack. Throughout the week, we’ll be counting down our favourite tracks of the year. For every artist featured, there are plenty more that could have made the cut, but we feel this survey best represents 2012 as it happened – a year of surprise crossovers, killer collaborations, late-career gems and treats from unexpected quarters.

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