On April 19, Vauxhall’s Lightbox will host the first 2013 show from club brand The Upfront Project, produced in association with Soltek. 

The inimitable A Guy Called Gerald tops the bill. The 808 State veteran, jungle nonesuch and all-round pioneer understands how to utilise his experience without sounding throwback, and is always well worth catching. He’ll be joined by Freerange’s Milton Jackson, a reliable source of finely textured deep house with an emphasis on groove. Hotflush, Aus Music and Hypercolour alumnus Glimpse is on the bill, as is ManMakeMusic’s Portugeuse hero Trikk. Rising star Bobby Champs rounds out the line-up.

The night will run from 10.00pm until 6.00am. Tickets and further information are available here.

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