Sven Vath’s pioneering ‘clubbing brand’ Cocoon is set to drop down at London’s Studio 338 this July.

Entitled Cocoon on the Terrace, Studio 338’s massive space will house a welcome brace of some of the world’s finest DJ talent, as well as introduce a host of unbroken newcomers. Due to appear are Ilario Alicante, Martinez, Christian Burkhardt, Dorian Paic and Dana Ruh and the night will run for a marathon 16 hours.

If you’re thinking you might not make it through 16 hours of pounding 4/4 without some kind of break, don’t worry, Studio 338 will also be hosting a coconut stall, slush puppy cocktails, games and a selection of special surprises, so you should be covered.

For more information and tickets, head here.


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