Mutable Instruments modules turned into free Max For Live devices

Clouds and Braids for Ableton Live.

Two of the most popular Eurorack modules are now available as free devices for Ableton Live’s Max For Live add-on.

Clouds and Braids, two widely-used modules from Mutable Instruments, have been turned into Max For Live devices by developer Timo Rozendal, who used the freely available open-source code for the modules as a starting point.

MutatedTexturizer and Mutated Macro Oscillator are available from Rozendal’s website along with MutatedTexturizerAlt, a plug-in based on the Parasites alt firmware.

Virtual versions of Mutable Instruments modules can also be found in the recently announced VCV Rack, a free software synth that emulates several popular Eurorack modules. [via Synthtopia]

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