A synth, mixer, VCF and multi-purpose utility module.

Roland has expanded its System-500 Eurorack range with four new modules: the SYS-510 synth voice, SYS-505 voltage-controlled filter, SYS-531 mixer and SYS-555 utility module with ring modulation, sample and hold, LFO and more.

The System-500 range was introduced by Roland in 2015 as part of its first steps into the Eurorack market. Made in collaboration with US boutique company Malekko, the modules are inspired by both the classic System 100m and System-700 modulars from the 1970s.

Each of the modules looks ideal for Eurorack novices: the SYS-510 features three oscillator waveforms, low pass filter with hi-pass switches and a VCA, the SYS-531 has a generous six inputs and faders, and the SYS-555 offers five core functions in one module. The SYS-505 meanwhile is basically the same filter as that found in the Roland SH-5 synth.

Roland hasn’t announced a release date or price for these new modules yet, but the existing modules in the range cost between $299 and $369. However, Roland has competition. Last week, Behringer revealed plans to make Eurorack modules based on the System-100m itself, with a target price of $49 to $99 per module.

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